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DWI bills in the 82nd Legislature

In this session, like in previous one, some state legislators targeted drunk drivers but most of those proposals, seem to be going nowhere. Here are some of the bills and their status three weeks before the Legislature adjourns. .

Bill Goal Status

  • SB 231 To revoke driving privileges of anyone with two convictions. In committee
  • HB 99 Third-degree felony for anyone with a previous conviction. House calendar
  • HB 101 A hotline to report suspected cases of impaired driving. In committee
  • HB 189 Mandating ignition interlock for any DWI conviction. Attached to other bill
  • HB 237 To mark driver’s license of anyone with a prior conviction. In committee
  • HB 3477 Ten-year driver’s license suspension after five convictions. To full House

Fortunately, the Legislature seems distracted with cutting education funding, cutting back who can vote, and making sure the police don’t give immigrants any protection from deportation even when they are witnesses to a crime, to care much about DWIs this session.